Friday, April 30, 2010

sbi clerk interview questions

sbi clerk interview questions

hi i am working cct in sbh frm last six months. i am selected in associate bank recruitment last year.

carry all mentioned certificates with u when ur going to interview. if any body din't submitted exam fee voucher(bank challen) please take it. i saw 4-5 member who didn't bring bank fee reciept, they sent out from interview venue.

coming to interview, the questions depend upon ur biodata form which they sent along with call letter. please mention good hobbies which u can explain clearly. dont write simply listening music, playing cricket, watching tv etc.,

if u get time please go to the interview venue before ur date. enquire any person with same panel number as u have. why because same panel mostly ask same type of wuestions everyday.

please prepare a notes about general banking (plr, slr, nr ------------), history of sbi, ur subject knowlede.

prepare urself a good answer for one common question.
i.e why u choose bank career.

my sincere advice and request those who are not serious about clerk job please dont attend interview, someone may get chance. and those who are serous one good news that clerk starting salary become around 12000.

all the best