Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bank jobs in sbi - Some important books and authors

Bank jobs in sbi - Some important books and authors

Hi I am mentioning some important books and authors for you state bank of india clerical exam on November 8th and 15th November

First I go for author salman rushdie. Some his books is
The satanic verses, midnight’s childen(he got booker prize for thIS), haroun and the sea of stories, the moor’s last sigh,shame

Anurag Mathur books The Inscrutable Americans
Amitav ghosh=======Sea of puppies,The shadow lines, the hungry tide, the glass palace
Arundathi roy- god of small things. She got booker prize for that
Vikram seth – a suitable boy
Jhumpa lahari- the name sake, interpreter of maladies
Aravind adiga- the white tiger (got booker prize)
Kapil dev- straight from the heart
My life my country- adwani
Unleashing the Power Within India---------A.P.J Abdul Kalam
RK Narayan- the dark room
Nandan nilekhani- imaging india

If you need any thing feel free to comment, Where you can get quick reply.

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  1. now i cant read all those books i have only 10 days with me i hav to face this exam and get through plz help me out with a sincere advice