Monday, September 7, 2009

How to solve English Paper in SBI Clerk Exam

Hi every body,

I hope every one is going with serious preparation to get sbi clerk post. I am writing this post for the people who are worrying like “HOW TO SOLVE ENGLISH PAPER”. You need to get 16 marks to clear this section. It is better to target 20 marks in this section.

Don’t worry I am selected for sbh clerk at the same time I am not good at English. But I know basics. It is more than sufficient for clearing English section.

How to solve English paper in sbi clerk exam 15-20 minutes.

First I am writing for the people who don’t know grammar very well. (For 30 marks)

First go with “reading comprehension” -15 marks. Don’t do it blindly. Read carefully and keep idea about the passage when you are reading the passage for first time, so that you will able to answer at least 5 questions without confusion. Next you may get what is the moral of the passage. You will get 3-4 questions which make you to read the passage 2nd time no problems study the passage again. Why because you will get right answer. You will be asked 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for that passage. It is very easy. But don’t answer these antonyms and synonyms if you don’t know the answer. Don’t spend more than 10 minutes.

After that go for “rearranging sentences”. This is one of the sections where you will get 5 marks without fail (NO NEED OF GRAMMAR).

Next go with fill in the blanks i.e last section in your English paper. This is also easy section at least 8 marks you have to grab in this.

Those who are perfect with Grammar (30 marks in 15 minutes)

First go with correction of sentences 10 marks”. 5 minutes.
Then go with “rearranging sentences 5 marks”. 2-3 minutes.
Then go for fill in the blanks 10 marks. 3-4 minutes.

After this if you are perfect in remaining section you can spend another 4 minutes on reading comprehension. Mainly attempt antonyms and synonyms.


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